San Cristobal Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands or also the Colon Archipelago were discovered in the year 1535 by accident. Later, Ecuador took position of the Galapagos Islands, annexing them as an equatorial territory. Our islands are composed as follows: San Cristóbal being the Capital of the Floreana insular territory that forms part of San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, the economic capital of Isabela, these islands being inhabited since their beginning as a Penal colony. In this case we will focus on the San Cristóbal Island or Chatham, English name named by an English caravan during the exploitations of the Galapagos Archipelago of Colon. On Isla Bonita, where residents from all over Ecuador shaped history, they made the island a new tourist destination coveted by many who dream of visiting this Magical Charm. San Cristóbal Island houses a population of 8 thousand people around it, also made up of Ranchers, Farmers, Fishermen, Carpenters, etc. Over the years, promoting itself as one of the tourist destinations and the increase in tourists within the island regions, external regulations were created within the Archipelago, applied in their effectiveness for both national and foreign visitors. Controlling and minimizing the problems already caused by havoc in the past that gave rise to changes in the entry regulations to the province of Galapagos. Within the legal framework of San Cristóbal, conservation projects focused on scientific issues have been developed to the territory. island to address problems with their respective decision-making that will help in changes within territorial management. Projects have been developed focused on the needs of the island, fulfilling in the best way the approaches to be pursued solely for the benefit of society, knowledge that will be taught by volunteers from abroad who will be at the disposal of the foundation to better adjust daily living Given to the following case and attention to the problems caused in the mismanagement of statutes by identities of the Government, the creation of Galapagos Porex Conservation as an insular and national foundation within the Ecuadorian state is taken on the own initiative of local youth residing on the island where it will attend to the following called for benefit only in the development of the community and the environment already as a right in the constitution, adhering in the most reliable way to the Loreg

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