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About Us

Our Mission & Vision

We believe in the power of education and conservation. Through initiatives such as beach clean-ups, supporting national parks, and controlling invasive species, we work towards safeguarding the Galapagos Islands' fragile ecosystem. Dedicated to spreading environmental awareness, we provide educational programs for both residents and visitors, emphasizing the importance of preserving the Galapagos as a shared responsibility.

Our vision extends beyond conventional tourism – we aspire to create an immersive travel experience. By encouraging visitors to embrace the local way of life and actively participate in Galapagos conservation,we hope to foster a deeper connection between people and the environment. In pursuit of inclusivity, we are devoted to making extended stays in the Galapagos affordable. Our goal is to enable more individuals to actively contribute to the conservation endeavors of these extraordinary islands.

History of Purex

In 2017, Ariel was already deeply involved in the world of volunteering, organizing summer camps and dedicating three years to conservation work. His passion for creating meaningful experiences through service led him to establish an NGO and a travel agency in 2019. The mission was clear: to go beyond typical tourism and foster transformative travel.

In collaboration with a friend, Ariel founded Purex, and as the first volunteers arrived in 2019, his dream began to materialize. Straight away, San Cristobal welcomed volunteers from over 20 nationalities, all contributing to impactful projects. Purex swiftly emerged as a positive force in the community, providing foreigners with the opportunity to explore the Galapagos Islands in a respectful and conscious manner.

Since its inception, Purex has sustained its positive impact, offering a unique gateway for foreigners to experience the Galapagos while actively contributing to the local environment.

Galapagos Volunteering Categories

Engage in purposeful volunteering across four vital realms: Environmental, Awareness, Sustainability, and Education. Join us in making a meaningful impact, whether it's safeguarding nature, raising awareness, promoting sustainability, or empowering through education.


This program is promoted to benefit the protection and care of animals in danger of extinction such as marine iguanas, finches, hammerhead sharks, to form work platforms by offering international campaigns with the help of schools and universities, raising awareness for this project. We will work with the community and fishermen who are the eyes of our marine reserve in Galapagos


This program was promoted with the idea of ​​helping and promoting sustainable and eco-friendly programs that go with the philosophy of the place where new models applicable to the environment will be developed.

This local program has placed emphasis on an SOS call for volunteers, interns, and students who wish to promote research programs with community participation in developing a platform or model that serves to eradicate existing problems. Through this program, it can be distributed according to the purpose. of student participants, volunteers or university interns to contribute to improving and recovering affected places prior to a field study where applicable research will be carried out for each place.


This program is promoted for the community where a family program can be created and be able to participate in training workshops for women and children where the initiative is to promote eco-friendly family education. Additionally, through this program we will seek to implement friendly ventures. They are the advice of professionals who can develop through campaigns that can be carried out on the island of how we can convert garbage into usable art for the environment.
Participants in the program will be immersed in several activities at the same time, they will be able to develop community events where they can capture the attention of visitors to the island, implementing urban family gardens.


This program is promoted for the benefit of the island community where young people from the community will be able to learn languages ​​without barriers, being a new way of opportunities and at the same time using it with volunteers who will be able to accelerate learning, on the other hand, it is also aimed at the population in general to join this intercultural initiative.

Language teachers as practitioners will have the opportunity to provide their knowledge and see the evolutionary process of the students and the community.

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