Medical Care

The Galapagos Islands face significant health challenges, marked by a shortage of specialized doctors, inadequate access to medicine, and concerns about the accuracy of medical information. Issues such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, adolescent pregnancies, drug addiction, and alcoholism further compound the community’s health struggles. The lack of expertise and resources contributes to the mismanagement of health information and inaccurate predictions based on examination results.

Project objectives:

The project aims to provide comprehensive medical care, establishing at least one doctor in the town and facilitating international medical brigades to bring specialized services to the Galapagos Islands. With a focus on holistic care, the project aims to enhance the health and well-being of the community by deploying a General Practitioner to rural areas, collaborating with local schools on health initiatives, and forming agreements to strengthen elderly care. Additionally, the project aspires to support families with disabled members, fostering bonds of collaboration and assistance.

Project results:

Local doctor presence: Ensuring the presence of at least one doctor in the town, providing consistent and accessible medical support to the community.

International medical brigades: Bring specialized medical care to the Galapagos Islands and benefit local residents.

Rural general check-ups: Bringing General Practitioners to rural parts of the island, conducting comprehensive check-ups and addressing critical health needs in underserved areas.

School health initiatives: Collaborating with local schools and colleges, focusing on issues related to nutrition and growth and fostering a culture of health from an early age.

Elderly care agreement: Forming agreements with the elderly population, ensuring structured and enhanced healthcare tailored to their specific needs.

Support for families with disabilities: Engaging with families having disabled members, forming bonds of support and collaboration to address unique healthcare challenges.

Volunteer FAQ’s

Transport & Entry Fees

As a volunteer, you won't have to pay the $100 USD national park fee for the Galapagos Islands. Before your entry, please be aware of the $20 USD Transit Control Card purchase required at the airport; arriving early is advisable to navigate potential queues. Rest assured, our commitment to your convenience extends to free transport from the airport to the hostel. Additionally, transportation to group and volunteering activities is provided at no cost, ensuring your focus remains on the meaningful experiences that await you. We're excited to have you join us in making a positive difference in this incredible environment!

Accommodation Included

As a Purex volunteer you have access to three locations for your accommodation.


Puerto Baquerzo Moreno Apartment:Stay in a comfortable apartment located in Puerto Baquerzo Moreno, the main town of San Cristobal. Experience the vibrant local atmosphere while enjoying the convenience of being centrally located for easy access to amenities and activities.


Highlands Retreat: Nestled in the highlands for a tranquil and serene experience away from the main town. Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings while still maintaining accessibility to the heart of San Cristobal.


San Cristobal Homestay: A homestay with a welcoming local family in San Cristobal. This option provides a unique opportunity to engage with the community, offering insights into the rich cultural fabric of the Galapagos Islands. Experience authentic hospitality and create lasting connections during your volunteering journey with Purex.

Meals & Dietary Restrictions

As a volunteer with us, you can look forward to the convenience of having three nutritious meals provided for you every weekday, covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We understand the importance of catering to individual needs, so if you have any dietary restrictions, please don't hesitate to let us know. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to accommodating your specific dietary requirements to ensure your experience is not only fulfilling in your contributions but also enjoyable in every aspect of your stay.

What should I bring?

  • Closed Shoes
  • Flip flops or sandels
  • Long pants
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Rainjacket
  • Swimming clothes
  • Towel
  • Day backpack

What does a day volunteering look like?

Your daily routine as a volunteer promises a perfect blend of meaningful work and exploration on the captivating island of San Cristobal. Kickstart your day with a hearty breakfast served at 8:00 in the house, ensuring you're energized and ready for your daily activities. The nature of each day varies based on your volunteering package, offering a diverse range of experiences.


Engage in impactful volunteering activities that span approximately 4 hours each day from Monday to Friday, contributing to the local community and environment. Following your morning endeavors, a delicious lunch awaits you at 12:30, providing a well-deserved break to replenish your energy.


Post-lunch, the afternoon unfolds as your free time to explore the scenic wonders of San Cristobal. Whether you choose to wander through charming streets, relax on pristine beaches, or embark on nature trails, the island invites you to discover its beauty at your own pace.


As the day winds down, join your fellow volunteers for a delightful dinner served around 7:00 pm. This communal meal offers a wonderful opportunity to share experiences, forge connections, and reflect on the day's achievements. Our carefully crafted daily schedule ensures that your volunteering experience is not only fulfilling but also allows you to immerse yourself in the natural wonders and vibrant culture of San Cristobal.


  • Fill out the provided information sheet when applying
  • Act in the interest of the community and the ecosystem
  • Volunteers must adhere to the weekly agenda and work shedules
  • Non-compliance with project rules may lead to expulsion without refunds
  • Alcohol and drug consumption is prohibited during work hours.
  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years old, with specific policies for minors.
Basic Volunteer
San Cristobal
Minimum Duration
One Week